Assisted Living in Alexandria, Minnesota
Highlighting Salmons Place Senior Care

Assisted Living opportunities in Alexandria, Minnesota are numerous and constantly growing in numbers as well as in the variety of services offered. For many, choosing the right care for themselves or a family member can seem a daunting task.

Douglas County Public Health (located in Alexandria) maintains a web page listing all the licensed homes in the Area including independent living facilities, assisted living, adult foster care, and nursing homes. Contact information is provided for each so that those looking for an appropriate home can check them out for themselves.

When those who can no longer live alone prefer a less institutional setting, one that provides a home style atmosphere and emphasizes preserving independence and dignity, Salmons Place Senior Care fits the bill. Living at Salmons Place allows seniors who cannot live alone an opportunity to continue living in a normal home setting as part of a “family” where they receive the care they need but can maintain more control over their lifestyle.

External picture of the Salmons Homes Plus home (front yard). Salmons Place

6789 State Hwy 27 East
Alexandria, MN 56308-8922
(320) 762-2892

Home Style Living for Senior Adults
   —Preserving Independence and Dignity

Salmons Place Provides a Comfortable Home

Privacy — each resident has their own private room, including a large closet.

Nutritious Meals and Snacks — honoring personal tastes.

Supervision — as required to assure safety and a sense of well-being.

Protection — a comfortable home environment that is also safe; help is always at hand.

Household Services — cleaning, laundry, and household maintenance all provided.

Accessibility — Salmons Place was built with this service in mind.

Salmons Place Offers These Additional Services

Personal Care — assistance with dressing, bathing, and grooming.

Medication Assistance — a reminder and help to take medications as prescribed.

Nursing service — arranged through the local public health or other providers.

Transportation — to medical or other appointments and errands.

Cash Management — help in managing small amounts of cash.

Hospice care — residents choosing to spend their last days at home have that option.

Salmons Place Offers An Independent Lifestyle

Living at Salmons Place opens many opportunities for those who choose to make it their home. The spacious home is located on 23 acres just east of town. There are numerous decks, flower beds, bird houses and feeders outside and a small library for privacy, plus a large sunroom for visiting and entertaining inside.

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Salmons Place offers the older adult who can no longer live alone an opportunity to continue living a normal lifestyle in a home setting. They find that moving to an assisted living/adult foster care setting does not have to be as disruptive as feared. Each individual is encouraged to live his/her life as fully as possible.

Jim or Lou Salmons (
Jeanette West (
6789 State Hwy 27 East
Alexandria, MN 56308-8922
(320) 762-2892